Alternative Methods of Treating Asthma and Allergies

Nowadays complementary-alternative medicine is a popular trend: according to the statistics, approximately half of the whole population of the USA always uses or have tried to use CAM at least once.

CAM includes such forms of treatment as acupuncture, herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, and yoga. The reason for the increased use of CAM-methods may be based on widespread distrust of scientific-based medicine and negative experience with doctors whose prescriptions did not help. In addition, many people believe that CAM is natural and consequently safe.

So, what are the most common methods of CAM?


Acupuncture originated from traditional Chinese medicine. Ancient physicians used it for treating hundreds of chronic diseases, such as asthma and allergic rhinitis. They inserted needles into the patient’s skin at special parts of the body, and these manipulations were supposed to restore normal balance of “vital flows”.

However, the power of acupuncture in treating asthma is not supported by proper medical evidence. The difficult part is that it is impossible to include a placebo group as part of the study.

Available results of scientific research in acupuncture show almost no benefit for the treatment of asthma. As for allergic rhinitis, some studies show its benefit over placebo. During one study on children, it appeared that kids who received real acupuncture showed better results than the second control group. However, they needed the same traditional therapy for their allergic reactions as the placebo group.

Herbal Medications

Many studies concerning various herbal supplements in asthma were poorly designed. Useful herbs that showed good results include Chinese herb mixes, Boswellia serrata, and Indian ipecac.

Researches on herbs in allergic rhinitis are more promising. One of them showed that butterbur had the same effect as cetirizine, and the second one showed its equivalence to fexofenadine. During another studies, scientists have found that biminne and Chinese mixes help improve symptoms of allergic rhinitis compared to placebo.

Considering those, one should notice that herbal supplements also have some drawbacks. Thee may cause dangerous side effects and interact with prescribed medications in a negative way. Moreover, FDA does not approve herbal supplements in the same manner as traditional prescription medications, so their purity and harmlessness are not guaranteed.


This alternative method is based on the idea that illnesses can be treated by giving the patient extremely small amounts of substance causing the disease. Immunotherapy uses similar principles.

However, homeopathic remedies showed little to no results in treating asthma, according to three well-designed studies.

The situation with allergic rhinitis is a bit better: scientists managed to show the benefit of homeopathic remedies over antihistamines in treating this illness. Yet the overall evidence for homeopathic supplements and drugs is weak in comparison to the strong results of prescription medications.

Other Alternative Techniques

• Chiropractic-Spinal Manipulation. One study showed that patients had decreased sensitivity to an irritant active agent that helped detect the severity of asthma after a course of a chiropractic spinal manipulation. Another quite poorly designed test showed a slight improvement of lung function in the group receiving “real treatment”.

• Yoga and Breathing Techniques. These are beneficial methods to improve mental well-being, while scientific studies on such techniques failed to show improvement in symptoms of asthma.

To cut a long story short, CAM-methods show weak results in treating asthma and allergic rhinitis in comparison to ordinary medicine. It is reasonable to make them part of an overall therapy, but it is not wise to replace conventional medications with herbal supplements or yoga classes – it can lead to deplorable consequences.

Misconceptions about Arthritis

There are so many misconceptions about arthritis causing misunderstandings and they are only being spread. People suffering from this disease need true and reliable facts but not conjectures and myths. So, let’s consider 7 most common misconceptions about arthritis.

1. Only older people suffer from arthritis

Truth: Anyone can have arthritis not matter how old he is

This misconception is the most common one as many people think that arthritis is a problem only for the seniors. In fact, this disease may affect any person no matter how old he is whether it’s a child, a teen or a middle-aged individual. Age and sex aren’t important as everybody is at risk. Taking into account the fact that there’re many different types of arthritis having different symptoms, some people are at a higher risk of suffering from the disease than others.

For example, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and fibromyalgia occur more often in women, than in men. But there’re more men than women suffering from gout and ankylosing spondylitis. Elderly people are at a higher risk of having osteoarthritis and tear, wear and degenerative types of the disease.

2. Cold and wet climate may cause arthritis

Truth: Climate is neither the cause, nor the part of treatment

Some people believe that cold and wet weather has some impact on those having arthritis and that moving into the region with warm climate can cure the disease. If following this suggestion, people living in hot California and such other regions would never suffer from arthritis. Climate doesn’t play any role in the progression of the disease.

However, warmth can ease pain, for example, when you take a hot bath or shower. Also, people who don’t have arthritis feel better in regions with warm climate.

3. There is a cure for arthritis

Truth: There’s no evidence that arthritis can be cured

There’ve been many studies on methods of treatment and on how to slow down the progression of arthritis but it’s not known whether arthritis can be cured.

Most types of the disease cause chronic symptoms that accompany you for your entire life. Before searching for a cure we need to learn much about arthritis symptoms, medicines, treatment methods and how to live with it and enjoy life.

4. Poor diet causes arthritis

Truth: There’s no evidence that particular products can cause the disease or stop its progression.

It’s obvious that keeping a nutritious and balanced diet and maintaining normal weight improve the general health but it’s not known whether some products can cause, prevent or stop arthritis. Even if the person is allergic to some foods and this allergy exacerbates arthritis symptoms, a direct connection between a product and the disease is not proven.

5. Arthritis provokes only minor pains

Truth: Arthritis can provoke both minor and very severe pains

For many people the disease is associated with little pain that is mild and not severe. Ad videos claiming that several aspirin or other pain relievers can make some arthritis pain go away just mislead people. Due to such ads most individuals don’t even know that complex and severe types of the disease need to be treated more aggressively and living with chronic strong pain is not normal.

Real symptoms of the disease include:

• pain in the joints;
• deformity of the joints;
• fatigue;
• inflammation;
• motion limitations.

6. If you look OK, you are OK

Truth: If there’re different types of arthritis, there’re symptoms of different severity and duration.

Arthritis unexpectedly may go into flares and remission so it’s difficult to understand why the person feels better or worse one or another day. Such fluctuations may make people think that arthritis is only in their heads. Actually, life of the person suffering from the disease is divided into “good” and “bad” days. Sometimes the patient feels more severe pain than before and sometimes he experiences no symptoms at all.

7. Arthritis is a hopeless condition, there is no way out

Truth: Everyone can lead a high quality life even with arthritis.

Some limitations caused by the disease may make people with arthritis think that they are doomed. The person suffering from it shouldn’t be seen as one of the disabled and totally helpless.

With Wind Comes Pain: Arthritis and Weather

It is not an uncommon occurrence to hear someone with arthritis complaining about pains and how bad weather affects their bones. Many people experiencing issues with joints can easily relate to this. Weather is an elusive enemy that keeps bashing your joints and bones with changes in atmosphere pressure and other environmental conditions. How are arthritis and weather connected? Is there a good place to run away from these problems?

The Placebo Effect

While there are no distinct empirical studies about the matter, some of very respected professionals claim that weather is an undeniable factor when it comes to rheumatism and arthritis. One of famous specialists once mentioned in an article that some of his patients were able to forecast weather much better than companies who specialize in forecasting. Some of his patients also reported that they felt better when living in places with average atmosphere pressure being higher.

In order to study the phenomenon, the scientist decided to conduct a placebo experiment and set up two chambers where he could control the atmospheric pressure. He would then invite people with arthritis and rheumatism to spend about 30 minutes in these chambers twice a day. The results were quite surprising with the vast majority of people who spend some time in a chamber with higher atmosphere pressure reporting significant improvements while patients who visited chambers that did not change the pressure reported no changes in their conditions.

This was a very nice empirical experiment yet the sample pool was quite limited and the study should be repeated on a larger scale before we can start implementing treatment methods based on the assumption that weather does affect arthritis in specific ways. There are possible new treatments for people who are willing to make significant changes to their lives in order to escape constant pains.

The researches continue

The placebo experiment was only the first step and the scientific society continues to explore the matter today. In 2004, one of the studies with several forms of arthritis were subjects to another study that involved atmosphere pressure. Again, low pressure often caused exacerbation of symptoms while higher pressure often served as a relief. Pain was also more likely to visit patients exposed to low temperatures.

In the same year, a group of medics conducted another research and found that humidity can also be a huge factor. Moist air negatively affects people with arthritis. All of the studies above indicate that a change in climate is often all it needs to improve the condition of an arthritis patient. Further studies only expanded on this idea with one of the most recent researches claiming that average weather variables heavily affect one’s condition while irregular day-to-day changes will unlikely make one feel pain in joints more often.

There is no doubt that weather does affect arthritis patients. Should they start moving to places with better climate?

Where to move if you have arthritis

Some specialists say that places with warmer climate and higher average atmosphere pressure may be more suitable for people with arthritis. However, making a decision about moving your life to a completely new place based on weather alone is hardly a good solution for anyone. We suggest you to visit a place that interests you multiple times and check how you feel there during winter, summer, spring, and fall.

An untimely conclusion

Several things to note: weather is not the most important factor for arthritis patients and affects only some people; places with less humidity and higher average temperatures are generally better for people with arthritis. Weather should be considered, but there are far more impactful factors to be concerned with.

Learn More: Meds and Allergies

When trees start to lose their leaves or when flowers begin to bloom around, some people do not enjoy the scenery and refuse to appreciate the beauties demonstrated by nature. The reason is simple – disgustingly annoying allergy that provides you with rash, sneezing, and all other “goodies”. Many choose for over-the-counter options to discover that the relief is way less notable than they have anticipated.

The American College of Allergy (yes, such an institution exists) urges people to go and see their doctors in case:

  • Your nose is constantly stuffy and swelled
  • The symptoms chase you for several weeks and sometimes months
  • You respond badly to medications or experience heavy adverse effects
  • You feel miserable and devastated by your allergy
  • Symptoms notably disrupt breathing

Get busy visiting doctors

A frequent problem for any allergy is what inventive medics call “hay fever”. This is a common nasal condition that narrows down the passage in your nose and often cause swelling. Dozens of patients report rash and itching as well as problems with breathing. In severe scenarios, nausea, diarrhea, blood pressure changes, and many other manifestations of bad times start ruining your day.

Going to your trustworthy doctor is the best possible solution. Do not be afraid to go through a meticulous examinations and learn more about your condition. The specialist will study your history, ask about similar problems in relatives, and conduct a series of tests to determine whether you need drugs to overcome the allergy.

Possible OTC solutions

Seldom cases require serious medications and treatment methods to seal the deal of relieving symptoms. In most cases, using generic antihistamines and available to your decongestants is more than enough to address the problem. Drugs like Fexofenadine and Desloratadine can help you out big time while costing a relatively small amount of money.

Using corticosteroids

There is an unquestionable value in using generic anti-inflammatory preparations such as nasal sprays and pills to relief symptoms like stuffy nose. The glaring benefit of such drugs is that they do not complicate the issue over a long period of time. In order to fight asthma, you can use a variety of corticosteroids offered by the pharmaceutical industry.

Other ways to get rid of asthma and rhinitis

There are two more classes of drugs that may help you minimize allergy symptoms. Notable mentions are anti-leukotrienes (i.e. montelukast sodium). These meds reduce swelling and allow you to inhale a “lungful” of air. The alternative is the drug class called Bronchodilators that are designed specifically to address symptoms related to the respiratory system.

Using anti-immunoglobulin

In some cases, the application of IgE antibodies can be justified. The compound inhibits the release of histamines altogether. This type of treatment dramatically increases the risk of rhinitis and even asthma although to a lesser extent and for a significantly shorter period of time. Note that this method is not totally approved by the scientific community and should be considered the last line of defense since there are more affordable and simple options available.


We strongly suggest you to never ignore symptoms of allergy and go to your healthcare provider as soon as possible to receive the most optimal treatment in a timely manner. Any allergy is a persistent stress source and can severely reduce the quality of life for your and even your loved ones. If you truly care about your health, think about treating the allergy in an effective scientifically approved manner.

How To Get Heartburn Relief from Natural Heartburn Remedies

On the whole heartburn relief can be achieved with natural heartburn remedies administered from home. Acid reflux is prompted by stomach acid leaking back up into the esophagus causing a burning sensation. Natural heartburn remedies provide tested types of useful treatments to help you get fast heartburn relief.

Natural Remedies for Heartburn not only offer heartburn relief but as well assist to cure your body by improving ones general physical condition. There are more and more home remedies for heartburn that should be taken in to consideration toward successfully getting rid of acid reflux. Natural heartburn remedies are effective, inexpensive as well as safe, as opposed to expensive prescription drugs that regularly carry risky side effects.

Secret Natural Heartburn Remedies For You To Try

If you feel your acid reflux coming on, try eating a slice of red apple. Avoid hard crunchy foods. Honey can coat the stomach and has a tremendous natural curing compound that will help regenerate tissue. Drink a lot of water. It will help to seal your lower esophageal sphincter (LES) muscle flap over your stomach and keep stomach acid from being refluxed up. Condense your meal sizes and eat five or six smaller meals a day as opposed to one or two big meals per day.

Heartburn and acid reflux can often be triggered by means of too little stomach acid. Apple cider vinegar can be advantageous because it puts natural acids into your stomach to help in digestion. Further Heartburn Remedies which have been reported to aid in heartburn relief as fast as antacids include many natural herbs which are available in natural tablets or can be included in teas or in meals together with indgredients such as baking soda, Aloe Vera juice and bananas.

Some people only suffer from occasional heartburn, although many find they suffer more frequently. Heartburn causes pain for a lot of people, but uncovering the best heartburn remedies can also be frustrating. People that experience moderate to severe symptoms regularly ought to be very vigilant since these can be indications of a more serious condition.

Despite the fact that over the counter antacids might not have the serious side effects of prescription drugs and medicines nevertheless they are still just interim, unnatural fixes. Antacids usually do not treat the real challenges of heartburn symptoms or give long term heartburn relief. The truth is, Natural Heartburn Remedies are truly more successful than antacids because they treat the underlying source of condition instead of in the short term only neutralizing the refluxed acid. While doctors may prescribe drugs and medications, there are a lot of serious side effects that can be experienced, not to mention the expense. Try natural home remedies for heartburn today and get heartburn relief quickly.

Detecting Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a systemic autoimmune disease manifesting itself as a systematic inflammatory disorder affecting tissues and organs, striking especially flexible joints. While we mostly know the disease as a case characteristic to adults, people of any age can have it.

The disease is rather hard to diagnose as its symptoms can repeat those typical of other health issues, with an unstable flow flaring and fading again and again. The article considers some symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis that signal you’re dealing with this disease and nothing else.

Whenever you experience an injury such as a sprained wrist or other joint that takes quite a time to heal, you should bear in mind that this can well be the indication you’re dealing with rheumatoid arthritis. This occasion is typical of young people mostly.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a symptom of this autoimmune disorder, when you have it you experience the tingling feeling in your hands and wrists, just like you hurt your funny bone. The feeling is due to the compression of nerves going in the hands caused by the swelling in the arm. The fact is that mentioning only this symptom to a doctor without referring to any other RA signs, you can be diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Your forefoot can warn you’re developing rheumatoid arthritis once you’re having RA-related pain or inflammation in this part of your body. Mostly the pain makes women reject wearing high heels. Podiatrists often observe plantar fasciitis bringing pain due to the swelling of the tissue found in the heel area.

According to ophthalmologists people diagnose with rheumatoid arthritis very often have Sjogrens syndrome – a kind of an autoimmune disease that inflames and impairs the moisture releasing functions of the glands causing dryness of mucous membrane of the eyes, mouth, nose and throat. While the syndrome can be observed already at early stages of rheumatoid arthritis, it is very unlikely to be the only symptom, so if a patient comes to an ophthalmologist with the complaints about eyes dryness, he is likely to be asked about extra information and additional symptoms.

Joints aching is no doubt one of the remarkable symptoms of RA. The problem lies in the fact many people take them for overexertion or osteoarthritis and the pain can often be diagnosed as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome (just another accompaniment of rheumatoid arthritis). RA joint pain is marked by a prolonged character symmetry, i.e when both of your hands, knees, feet, elbows, etc. are aching simultaneously.

Experiencing a joint stiffness in the morning? That’s quite a motive to listen to your body and take a closer look at your health. But of course the stiffness as a symptom can be assigned to other health issues, like for example osteoarthritis that is responsible for a joint pain after a period of inactivity (like sleeping or sitting). In case of RA stiffness lasts much longer and it may take a whole day to get rid of it while with osteoarthritis an hour is quite enough. For both cases sets of special exercises can help overcome the problem.

RA is accompanied by locked joints, mostly on the knees and elbows. It is due to the swollen tendons round the joint resulting in impaired bending function. The swelling may cause cysts behind the knee preventing from motion as it puffs out. Other diseases having the same symptom: a knee joint injury and meniscus tear.

People with advanced rheumatoid arthritis cases (as well as those at earlier stages) often have nodules – firm lumps developing under the skin. They can also be found in cases of gout and other forms of arthritis.

These are the most common rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, but not the only ones, so be attentive and considerate to your body in order to fight off the disease at first signs.

The Best Herbal Remedies For Stress

There are many ways to treat stress, and herbal remedies have long been used for this purpose. The first reaction of someone who is stressed, in this modern world, is to have their health care practitioner write them a prescription for one drug or another. There is a trend among a lot of people, however, to find a more natural, basic solution. There will be times, needless to say, that medical intervention is necessary for overpowering symptoms, but oftentimes someone who is stressed out finds that a treatment with herbs takes care of the problem.

Passionflower can be used not only as a stress reliever but also to aid in sleeping as it is a natural sedative. If those weren’t enough great reasons to give passionflower a try; consider the fact that it is rich in antioxidants too. It’s true that herbs are often gentler to the body than pharmaceutical medications. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect them. It’s really not wise to go out for a drive or working on heavy machinery after taking passionflower no matter how mild its effects may be. You should also not exceed recommended dosages, as it can have side effects. Pregnant women and those who are nursing should not take passionflower. If you’re looking for something to use as an option that doesn’t involve using tranquilizers, passionflower is a great choice.

If you need to feel calm, try using some rosemary, which is not just for cooking. Rosemary has been around since ancient times. It’s also known to relax the muscles of the body and to ease tension in the head and eyes, making it a good antidote to eyestrain and tension headaches. If you are looking for a cheap, herbal remedy, then rosemary is what you need. You can even start growing it yourself.

This is becoming a much more widely used stress-relief tool with every passing year. It’s amazing how something as simple as inhaling a pleasant fragrance can lead to instant relaxation. You’re your time and explore your options in order to find the essential oils that are most effective for relieving your stress. You can burn aromatherapy candles, put a few drops of an essential oil into your bath, release the aroma using a diffuser or simply place a few drops of the oil on your wrists, throat, face and other areas of your body.

Herbal remedies can be an important part of your stress management program. Don’t be careless and take every herb you can get your hands on. Make sure to look up potential side effects and then you will be well on your way to reducing stress.

Also, herbal remedies could be a perfect solution in your vertigo treatment plan.

Treat Diabetes Effectively by Knowing Its Symptoms

Diabetes is a world wide health problem that cause 28% death rate per year. It is a disease where the pancreas does not release enough insulin to normalize blood sugar from the body. The result is the imbalance, high level of sugar in the blood.

To understand diabetes, you must learn how to deal with it yourself. Monitoring of your health and blood sugar is very important. Manage the disease from controlling your health because diabetes is a very dangerous disorder that’s why it is ideal that you are knowledgeable of all remedies available.

The best thing you could ever do to fight diabetes is to classify its symptoms. If you can identify them, then you have better chance of fighting this disease. Below are some of the diabetes symptoms which you can address to prevent further damage caused by diabetes.

– Increase in urination
– Dehydration
– Excessive thirst
– Loss of appetite
– Too much weight loss or being obese
– Eye diseases
– Itchiness of the hands and feet
– Long healing period for sores and wounds
– Vaginal infection for women
– Swollen gums

These disorders are cause by too much sugar in the blood. In urination for example, kidney’s work double time to filter the excess sugar in the blood. When the kidney can’t sustain the process, the excess sugar is then turned into urine which triggers frequent urination.

If you feel weak and feel too much muscle pains, then you are also a candidate for diabetes. Why? Because too much sugar in the blood will make the body’s natural capability of turning sugar into energy very unlikely. Another symptom is too much weight gain and weight loss. As you well know, obesity is one of the most visible symptom of having this disorder especially type 2 diabetes.

Another scary symptoms is the eye problems. High sugar content in the blood puts too much fluid from tissues which goes straight to the lenses of your eyes. This affects your vision at certain point. If not corrected immediately, this symptom can lead to blindness. Most diabetic patients experience eye problems and many are gone blind because of the disease.

These symptoms must be treated accordingly and with great concern. It is better to control your sugar level at normal state than suffer the consequences later on in your life. If you notice some of these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor for immediate advice and medication. A physicians advice and regular check up can bail you out from further health risks.

Diabetes is a serious condition. With proper health care and guidance to prevent and treat its symptoms, you can win the battle against diabetes. If you are knowledgeable how to react against your disease, you can enjoy life more to the fullest even with diabetes!

About the Mental Health Questionnaire

Are you having a hard time controlling your appetite lately and as a result you overeat more frequently than the usual? Do you have a problem that you want to share but can’t find someone to talk about it? If your answers to these questions are yes then beware. You might be experiencing the mental illness called binge eating disorder. And yes, you are mentally ill but you are not really classified as a crazy person, yet. Unless you are pregnant or you started to do hard works like maybe doing gym jobs and so on then that might be an excuse for you for having the said mental illness.

An individual is more likely not to recognize or realize that he already has a mental illness unless somebody noticed the signs and symptoms and tried to observe him as close as possible. Mostly, signs and symptoms of mental illnesses are not as apparent as some of the physical illnesses. And so, it is really not easy to make self diagnosis if you have undergone a mental illness. But experts and experienced people can definitely tell if the person is mentally ill most especially by trying to observe the behavior of the person.

So if you are now wondering and a little bit worried that you might be mentally ill, you need not to worry right now. Sit back and be cool because there is a way to self diagnose yourself. Thanks to the mental health questionnaire because you will be able to determine if you are ill mentally or not.

Obviously, the mental health questionnaire is a tool to help a person determine the possibility that he might be physically ill or not. If so, this questionnaire will also help determine the kind or kinds of mental illnesses that the person might be undergoing. This questionnaire is also a tool used to get statistical data to formulate statistical findings about mental health things.

So, where do we get this mental health questionnaire? Well, there are a variety of ways to get this one. One way is to go to your nearest health care center and try to ask a copy of it. Another way to get this questionnaire is by consulting a psychologist in his clinic and then ask a copy of it. The psychologist may also do the pleasure of filling up this form by interviewing you using the questionnaire. Another way is to simply go to your computer and try to do some searching on the internet. Then you can try downloading a printable copy of this questionnaire or you can try answering the questionnaire in an online way.

Mental Health Questionnaire: Who can avail this?

So, who can avail this mental health questionnaire? The answer is simple. Everyone! For as long as the person is able to read and understand the instructions and questions, then he can definitely avail this questionnaire. But, the one who really needs to avail this questionnaire is a person who is showing signs and symptoms of being mentally ill may be through his behaviors.

Neuropathy Natural Remedies

As some people use modern medications, some people find assistance with neuropathy natural remedies. Such remedies vary from nutritional to herbal and homeopathic. However, the remedies will still depend on your body, your condition, and other related factors. Not all remedies may work the same for each individual, thus you need to understand and learn more about the remedies. Moreover, find out the best remedy that fits you. As you go along this article, you will understand the neuropathy natural remedies.

Neuropathy refers to the nerve damage and pain in the body that is usually associated with other health conditions. It is degenerative; hence, it gets inferior over duration. Some conditions that may lead to neuropathy are malnutrition, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, inherited generic disorders, exposures to toxins, diabetes, and HIV. However, other neuropathies do not have known causes. Normal pains associated with neuropathy can cause a numb feeling or can feel like burning. It can be feelings of muscle fatigue, dull pains, or sharp pains. It can also be numbness in the arms, legs, feet, or hands, shootings pains around the back or hip area, and tingling in the feet or hands. Such pains can be treated by healthy professionals; however, it can be solved through pain management. With neuropathy, the peripheral nerves of the nervous system are suffering damage. These nerves branched out throughout the body from the spinal cord and the brain. The condition normally happens in diabetic persons or those persons with excessive pressure on the nerves and has nutritional deficiencies. Neuropathy usually damages the nerve cell’s axon portion, the piece that transmits the signals from cell to muscle or vice versa. As this happens, tingling and pains are commonly experienced.

Here is a helpful guide of different neuropathy natural remedies that you can use: Harmonize Naturelle – a mixture of vitamin E, herbs, and essential oils that is massaged on the skin.

Cayenne – is an effective external treatment for neuropathic pain. St. John’s Wort – gives promising results for nerve pain relief.

Skullcap – give sooth feeling to the whole nervous system. Fifteen drops of this tincture inside a glass of water for 3-6 times a day can give pain relief.

Vitamin B-6 deficiency can cause severe neuropathic pain, hence take 100 milligrams of B-6 every day. It gives effective results when combined with intake of Vitamin B complex.

Evening Primrose Oil – prevent neuropathic pains from getting worse and stop nerve damage.

Magnesium – calms the body system and helps soothe nerves. It should be taken in 800 milligrams of every dose. The doses should only be two.

Acupuncture – gives extreme pain relief to some people.

Exercise – gives your body the best condition to deal with neuropathic pains and helps maintains blood flowing.

Battling for neuropathic pains every day can be mentally exhausting, thus, you need to maintain a positive attitude as this helps overcome depression and pains. This is one of the natural remedies that you must achieve in order to deal with neuropathy. Most of the neuropathy natural remedies may take weeks before its results and effectiveness are achieved. Therefore, you must be patient enough in dealing with it. If possible, discuss a plan with your health care provider that you can follow.