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Alternative Methods of Treating Asthma and Allergies

Nowadays complementary-alternative medicine is a popular trend: according to the statistics, approximately half of the whole population of the USA always uses or have tried to use CAM at least once. CAM includes such forms of treatment as acupuncture, herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, and yoga. The reason for the increased use of CAM-methods may be […]

Misconceptions about Arthritis

There are so many misconceptions about arthritis causing misunderstandings and they are only being spread. People suffering from this disease need true and reliable facts but not conjectures and myths. So, let’s consider 7 most common misconceptions about arthritis. 1. Only older people suffer from arthritis Truth: Anyone can have arthritis not matter how old […]

With Wind Comes Pain: Arthritis and Weather

It is not an uncommon occurrence to hear someone with arthritis complaining about pains and how bad weather affects their bones. Many people experiencing issues with joints can easily relate to this. Weather is an elusive enemy that keeps bashing your joints and bones with changes in atmosphere pressure and other environmental conditions. How are […]

Learn More: Meds and Allergies

When trees start to lose their leaves or when flowers begin to bloom around, some people do not enjoy the scenery and refuse to appreciate the beauties demonstrated by nature. The reason is simple – disgustingly annoying allergy that provides you with rash, sneezing, and all other “goodies”. Many choose for over-the-counter options to discover […]