How to Maintain Tooth Health on Holiday

We all know how important it is to keep our teeth looking their best and to maintain our oral hygiene in general. Poor oral hygiene often leads to a range of other illnesses and problems as the bacteria builds up in our mouths and that way gets into our system. That aside though, no one wants their teeth to look crooked and stained as this can immediately make us look and feel less healthy, confident and attractive.

That’s all fine and well most of the time. But when you go on holiday things become a little more difficult and you have to start making do with lesser tools. There are a number of different things to consider with regards to your oral hygiene when on holiday, so read on to see what a few of those are.


Carrying a toothbrush on holiday with you can be something of a pain and that’s why many of us will take a travel brush with us. For a couple of days that’s probably fine and won’t cause too much damage, but if you’re going away for a week or longer then it’s probably worth finding space for a better toothbrush in your bag.

The reason for this is that bad toothbrushes can actually cause a fair amount of damage in a short time. If a toothbrush is too hard for instance then it can end up damaging the enamel on our teeth or damaging the gums making them bleed. This is particularly bad news because our gums don’t grow back once they’ve been warn away. This is permanent damage and if you do it enough times you’ll risk exposing your roots or even losing your teeth. For the same of a little extra plastic it’s worth taking the real thing! And if you are taking a travel brush then just be careful to use it gently and to remember to pack floss too.


That said, travel toothpaste is fine. Again this is unlikely to be the best quality in the world, but if you want something you can take through as hand luggage then it won’t make too much difference if you only use it a couple of times.


While on holiday you’re going to be eating a worse diet than you normally would and this can lead to worse teeth. Likewise you might be eating things you’re not used to and dealing with local water.

The single most important rule here is to drink lots of water. This will continuously clean your mouth out and it will help you to stay hydrated. This can be challenging when you’re abroad in a country where the local tap water is liable to make you sick, but in that case the solution is to make sure you are buying yourself lots of jugs of water. It can be a little bit inconvenient at times but it’s worth it if you want to enjoy your holiday without getting ill and if you want to look after your teeth and general health while you’re out there.


If you chip a tooth or are just tempted by a cosmetic dentistry procedure while abroad then it’s probably best to wait until you’re back in your own country before you go ahead. This way you can use your own health insurance in the case of an actual problem and can better communicate with the professionals. In terms of cosmetic dentistry procedures, most like porcelain veneers will require multiple visits anyway – but in cases where they’re offering quick teeth whitening procedures in shopping malls etc. you can risk damaging your teeth and are much better waiting until you’re home and can make a well-reasoned decision. This is not an area in which you should be looking for a bargain and acting on impulse!