Neuropathy Natural Remedies

As some people use modern medications, some people find assistance with neuropathy natural remedies. Such remedies vary from nutritional to herbal and homeopathic. However, the remedies will still depend on your body, your condition, and other related factors. Not all remedies may work the same for each individual, thus you need to understand and learn more about the remedies. Moreover, find out the best remedy that fits you. As you go along this article, you will understand the neuropathy natural remedies.

Neuropathy refers to the nerve damage and pain in the body that is usually associated with other health conditions. It is degenerative; hence, it gets inferior over duration. Some conditions that may lead to neuropathy are malnutrition, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, inherited generic disorders, exposures to toxins, diabetes, and HIV. However, other neuropathies do not have known causes. Normal pains associated with neuropathy can cause a numb feeling or can feel like burning. It can be feelings of muscle fatigue, dull pains, or sharp pains. It can also be numbness in the arms, legs, feet, or hands, shootings pains around the back or hip area, and tingling in the feet or hands. Such pains can be treated by healthy professionals; however, it can be solved through pain management. With neuropathy, the peripheral nerves of the nervous system are suffering damage. These nerves branched out throughout the body from the spinal cord and the brain. The condition normally happens in diabetic persons or those persons with excessive pressure on the nerves and has nutritional deficiencies. Neuropathy usually damages the nerve cell’s axon portion, the piece that transmits the signals from cell to muscle or vice versa. As this happens, tingling and pains are commonly experienced.

Here is a helpful guide of different neuropathy natural remedies that you can use: Harmonize Naturelle – a mixture of vitamin E, herbs, and essential oils that is massaged on the skin.

Cayenne – is an effective external treatment for neuropathic pain. St. John’s Wort – gives promising results for nerve pain relief.

Skullcap – give sooth feeling to the whole nervous system. Fifteen drops of this tincture inside a glass of water for 3-6 times a day can give pain relief.

Vitamin B-6 deficiency can cause severe neuropathic pain, hence take 100 milligrams of B-6 every day. It gives effective results when combined with intake of Vitamin B complex.

Evening Primrose Oil – prevent neuropathic pains from getting worse and stop nerve damage.

Magnesium – calms the body system and helps soothe nerves. It should be taken in 800 milligrams of every dose. The doses should only be two.

Acupuncture – gives extreme pain relief to some people.

Exercise – gives your body the best condition to deal with neuropathic pains and helps maintains blood flowing.

Battling for neuropathic pains every day can be mentally exhausting, thus, you need to maintain a positive attitude as this helps overcome depression and pains. This is one of the natural remedies that you must achieve in order to deal with neuropathy. Most of the neuropathy natural remedies may take weeks before its results and effectiveness are achieved. Therefore, you must be patient enough in dealing with it. If possible, discuss a plan with your health care provider that you can follow.