Treat Diabetes Effectively by Knowing Its Symptoms

Diabetes is a world wide health problem that cause 28% death rate per year. It is a disease where the pancreas does not release enough insulin to normalize blood sugar from the body. The result is the imbalance, high level of sugar in the blood.

To understand diabetes, you must learn how to deal with it yourself. Monitoring of your health and blood sugar is very important. Manage the disease from controlling your health because diabetes is a very dangerous disorder that’s why it is ideal that you are knowledgeable of all remedies available.

The best thing you could ever do to fight diabetes is to classify its symptoms. If you can identify them, then you have better chance of fighting this disease. Below are some of the diabetes symptoms which you can address to prevent further damage caused by diabetes.

– Increase in urination
– Dehydration
– Excessive thirst
– Loss of appetite
– Too much weight loss or being obese
– Eye diseases
– Itchiness of the hands and feet
– Long healing period for sores and wounds
– Vaginal infection for women
– Swollen gums

These disorders are cause by too much sugar in the blood. In urination for example, kidney’s work double time to filter the excess sugar in the blood. When the kidney can’t sustain the process, the excess sugar is then turned into urine which triggers frequent urination.

If you feel weak and feel too much muscle pains, then you are also a candidate for diabetes. Why? Because too much sugar in the blood will make the body’s natural capability of turning sugar into energy very unlikely. Another symptom is too much weight gain and weight loss. As you well know, obesity is one of the most visible symptom of having this disorder especially type 2 diabetes.

Another scary symptoms is the eye problems. High sugar content in the blood puts too much fluid from tissues which goes straight to the lenses of your eyes. This affects your vision at certain point. If not corrected immediately, this symptom can lead to blindness. Most diabetic patients experience eye problems and many are gone blind because of the disease.

These symptoms must be treated accordingly and with great concern. It is better to control your sugar level at normal state than suffer the consequences later on in your life. If you notice some of these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor for immediate advice and medication. A physicians advice and regular check up can bail you out from further health risks.

Diabetes is a serious condition. With proper health care and guidance to prevent and treat its symptoms, you can win the battle against diabetes. If you are knowledgeable how to react against your disease, you can enjoy life more to the fullest even with diabetes!